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How to Rediscover Your Fitness And Enjoy Your Training Again, Without Beating Yourself Down - Even If
You Work Full Time.

12 Week Movement & Mindset Programme


Are You Crushing It In Business But Failing In Fitness...

Do you dread the gym? Are the aches and pains adding up?

Or maybe you're just sick and tired of being sick and tired from beating yourself up with the barbell each week.

Are you in an abusive relationship with the gym? Or just an absent one...

You'd be surprised how good effective programming can make you feel in as little as 12 weeks.

Movement and Mindset is my guiding philosophy behind all my programmes - and this programme is the distillation of 10 years of pain, success, and study.   


The Movement & Mindset Programme is 12 Weeks of Done For You Programming with the proper progressions and techniques to build your body and your confidence, without beating you down.    

With the right guidance you can regain those lost years and lost performance, and in many ways feel even better than you did in your prime.    

Simply put, you'll feel as good as you look.    

A Lifetime of Fitness

Training should prepare you for more, and the right approach ensures you can train hard and feel great for as long as you live.  


I'll never forget how great it felt to smash PRs every week in my first three years of training... 

But then things changed. 

At one point I even I spent two years just not enjoying my workouts, even though I kept plugging away.    

Injuries kept cropping up, and the aches and pains no longer seemed like so much fun. 

I frequently made or found excuses to skip the gym and the thought of following a programme... Well, it scared me, because I felt like progressing my lifts up to heavy weights once more would just beat me down all over again.    

I can't remember when my mindset changed, but at some point I realised that I used to love lifting, and wanted to still be crushing deadlifts long into my 60s, 70s, and - hopefully - beyond. 

And that meant I had to find a whole new way to train.   

Not included... The secrets of using epic downlighting. ;)


Figuring it out was frustrating. I felt like I was going backwards for a long time, or would get stuck in old "progress" patterns that left me injured or exhausted once more.    

But now? I think I've cracked it.    

For the last two years I have been enjoying my progress and I'm fitter - and look better - than I ever used to. 

Sure, I've not yet smoked all of my old PRs, but the new gains I'm making have turned me into a far more well rounded, competent, and capable "Everyday Athlete".


This system will help you love training again, and along the way you'll unlock a whole new way of thinking about your body and your training.    

Rediscover Feeling Really, Really, Ridiculously Good (Looking).



The Movement & Mindset Programme is 12 Weeks of Done For You Programming with the proper progressions and techniques to build your body and your confidence, without beating you down.


Strength & Conditioning workouts designed to address your unique needs, that will have you looking as good as you move.



Tahlia guides you through specific additional yoga and mobility routines designed to enhance the rest of your workouts.



Your body is slave to your mind, but your mind needs proper training to unlock its full potential too. 


Fed Up With Constantly Grinding Away & Just Feeling Beaten Up?

The right method should prepare you for a lifetime of fitness.

Who Is Andrew Miles?

Hi, I'm Andrew. I help high performers regain their lost fitness and energy levels - without living in the gym.

I'm a coach, speaker, amateur athlete, and educator.

I've spent 10 years learning, failing, and succeeding; building a coaching practice; and sorting my own shit out!

And now? I'm sharing the best things I've learned from teaching hundreds of people.

I'm obsessed with learning new things in almost any field, finding the hidden connections, and figuring out ways to improve how we do things.

One thing I know for sure is...

"The right mindset changes everything."

Movement & Mindset

What's The Point In Getting Beaten Up?

I've long since given up on competing to international standard, but I still hit the gym regularly. 


Simply put, I love the results - I love the effect that physical freedom has on my life.    

And now, I have integrated my workouts into my lifestyle so that they compliment it. I no longer have to organise everything else around getting 12 hours sleep and somehow cramming 5000 calories down my gob.    

Now I can train to stay healthy and capable for myself, my wife, and the people I care about.

I train so that one day when I have grown-up kids, we can train together.    

The right mindset changes everything.


Is Online Training Right For You?

This programme is not for everyone, and nor am I. I'm great at what I do, and I won't pretend to be all things to all people. I'm not just in this for the money and... I'll turn people down if we're not a good fit. 

So who is this for?

Who is this for

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    Complete beginners all the way up to intermediates with several years experience, and off-season athletes
  • check-circle-o
    Ready to train with an open mind
  • check-circle-o
    Ready to invest in yourself for long term results
  • check-circle-o
    Busy people who need simple but effective solutions to look and feel great

Who is this not for

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    Elite Athletes, in-season bodybuilders/physique athletes
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    People unwilling to workout 3+ times a week - simply put, getting in shape takes some work
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    People with lots of injuries
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    People looking for "30 day transformations" or quick fixes
Results Guaranteed

I'm so confident that working on simple principles with me will get you results AND that you will feel thrilled with your service that I offer a no questions asked 100% 30 Day Guarantee. 


So let's get started, apply today.

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Still got questions? I like that. Here are some of the most commonly asked Q's I get:

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