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Welcome to Smash Weights!

We’re privileged to have you here and hope you stick around to become part of our community.

We believe that fitness isn’t just for “health freaks” or elite athletes – it’s for everyone, and with the right guidance, everyone can integrate fitness as a fun and fulfilling part of their life.

That said, we don’t believe in magic pills or quick fixes – we’re in this for the long term.

Andrew couldn’t bench press the empty 20kg barbell when he started – nor could he squat it or deadlift it. 8 years later he’s closing in on a triple bodyweight deadlift.

Tahlia had never played sports and always used to skip out of P.E.. After failing to get into the shape she wanted through machine cardio in the gym, she discovered powerlifting and yoga and never looked back.

James was morbidly obese and his life was in turmoil – a failed relationship, failed business, and an all time low. But now he has turned it all around and improving his relationship with fitness played a crucial role.

Our stories are your stories and we will help you walk the path that has been so transformative for us.

This page is to get you started – we’ve put together some of our best resources below so you can get up to speed right away:

Fat Loss


Muscle Gain